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In the heart of Whitechapel, a performing arts centre welcomes the community to dance and spoken word performances, educational workshops and a local food restaurant. In parallel, women find shelter in secure, nourishing spaces as part of the refuge.

The project's architectural language was developed through research into the local area and mixed media explorations.

Gabriela - SEM2 (1).jpg
feet movement.png
front elevation.jpg

Transparency, spatial overlays, movement

Mixed media explorations of the project's conceptual drivers

Conceptual and atmospheric collages

Site analysis.jpg

Site analysis

Local area mapping exercise in collaboration with Maisie Spencer

performance space atmosphere.png

Performance space atmospheric collage

Breaking the fourth wall, the audience becomes part of the performance, generating an immersive experience

domestic collage.png

Domestic interior collage

The accommodation embodies the nature of dance, layers of transparency generate a sense of privacy and the scale shifts from the vast performance space to small, nourishing spaces.


Strategic diagrams

Interaction and overlap of public and private

Gabriela - SEM2 (2).png

Ground floor plan

top floor plan.jpg

Top floor plan

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