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“We used to talk about objects as found as if anything and everything can be raised to become a portrait of the ordinary”  Alison Smithson

A portrait of Robin Hood Garden's legacy, the pleasure garden provides a space for the remaining community and newcomers to enjoy meals together, stargazing, and building on their existing sense of ownership. 

Drainage pipes, curtain rails, reinforcement bars and window frames live on in the pleasure garden, evoking the community's collective memory.

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The disappearance of Robin Hood Gardens

Mixed media timeline drawing of Robin Hood Garden's life. From a social housing staple to rubble.


Les Miserables 

Analysis of the final scene of Les Miserables (2019) by Ladj Ly and its parallels to Robin Hood Gardens 

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The strategy was developed based on an analysis of the site's history

Caretakers Cottage-01.png

The Caretaker's Dwelling

The caretaker resides in the garden, in a house traversed by the garden and its ecosystem

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The kitchen, the tower and the homes. Studies of the threshold between key elements and the garden.

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View into the communal kitchen

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