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In response to Margate’s high levels of deprivation and unemployment, the project proposes an alternative educational building typology that actively includes public space within the school’s facilities in order to create a stronger relationship between the community and the students. This concept derives from the combination of the Montessori and Margret Rasfeld ideologies and is represented architecturally.

Section A FINAL-01.jpg


The school s the connection between the cliff and the sea

model 4 photo 4.png
model 4 photo 1_.png
model 3 photo 2.png

Structural model 

Study of the structural strategy

construction seq.jpg

Construction sequence

Detail 1 Axonometric Photoshop-01.png
Detail 1 2D dds.jpg

Pier to Workshop Roof

Construction detail

axo exploded.jpg

The pier and the school

Exploded axonometric

exterior perspectve version 2_.jpg

Approach from Margate Harbour

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